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Property Joint Ventures

Property Joint Ventures Solicitors in London and Essex

Property Joint Ventures often involve a mixture of land ownership and skills or resource to build a development. This combination can result in a profitable outcome for all parties. 

The role of solicitors in a property joint venture is to secure the parties’ objectives by recommending and implementing a suitable legal structure and protected by adequate legal documentation. We can advise you on the best way to structure your joint venture, and help you agree on the key legal terms. Instructing us will help you to reduce the risk of very costly legal disputes and we will guide you through a variety of important considerations to protect your interests.

In our experience, property joint ventures are often not considered in sufficient detail and our primary goal is to ensure that the parties have thought about the key issues, including how the joint venture is going to be structured, what is each party expecting from the deal, what happens if things do not go to plan, who will do what, what is the exit strategy, who will prepare and negotiate the legal documentation.

Our unique selling point is that we understand what clients want from their lawyers. We will manage your transaction proactively, with careful attention to detail while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

While working with us you will have access to our strong network of other professionals such as estate agents, surveyors, accountants, independent financial advisers and bankers.

We offer a range of pricing options and will be happy to discuss these with you. As a client-centred law firm, we will be transparent with you about our pricing and actively manage these in line with our agreements.

How we can help with Property Joint Ventures

We will give you expert advice and representation from the start-to-finish of your matter, while making sure that you understand the various stages along the way. We can guide you through matters including:

  • Advising on the best way to structure your transaction from a legal perspective. We will work with your other advisors, such as accountants, to ensure that the deal structure works from other perspectives (such as tax).
  • Drafting and negotiating the joint venture agreement on the terms agreed, focusing on implementing the commercial objectives of the parties within the documentation. Joint venture agreements typically address details on: the structure of the venture, sharing in profits and losses, rules on decision-making, investment obligations, exit strategies and the resolution of disputes.
  • Project managing your transaction, based on industry practice, to make sure that all relevant tasks are completed properly and allowing you to focus on day-to-day business matters in the knowledge that your advisers are protecting your interests.

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An essential component of our business is being open, honest, and accountable with our clients, and operating at the highest professional standards.

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We encourage our people to think creatively and imaginatively in the legal advice we give, as well as the way we provide services.

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