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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Solicitors in London and Essex

Whether your business is a large corporation, a small-to-medium sized enterprise or a sole trader, having a comprehensive set of terms and conditions in place provides clarity on the goods and/or services provided and adequate protection for both the business and the customer. 

Disputes often arise when one party does not comply with the terms of a contract or does not perform their obligations under a contract. A well drafted set of terms and conditions will include the following: 

  • Details of the goods and/or services provided
  • Pricing
  • Terms of payment (including interest on late payments)
  • Delivery arrangement (in the case of goods) or service deliverables (in the case of services) 
  • Termination
  • Limitation/exclusion of liability
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Data protection
  • Consumer-specific provisions (to comply with consumer legislation)
  • Dispute resolution

In addition, it is essential to ensure that your terms and conditions are validly incorporated into the contract created with customers. Getting this wrong may result in your terms and conditions having no legal effect or your customer’s terms and conditions prevailing over yours.

Our unique selling point is that we understand what clients want from their lawyers. We will manage your transaction proactively, with careful attention to detail while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

While working with us you will have access to our strong network of other professionals such as accountants, independent financial advisers and bankers.

We offer a range of pricing options and will be happy to discuss these with you. As a client-centred law firm, we will be transparent with you about our pricing and actively manage these in line with our agreements.

How we can help with Terms and Conditions

We will give you expert advice in preparing or updating your terms and conditions of business. We can guide you through the relevant legal and practical points to consider and advise you on:

  • The best way to structure and format your terms and conditions – we often find that clients do not like terms and conditions that are too detailed or lengthy. We will work with you to make sure that you are happy with your terms and conditions.
  • How to ensure that your terms and conditions are properly incorporated into the contract made with your customers.


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