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Virtual Influencers – The Next Big Thing?

M&S have made a move into the Metaverse, by introducing their first in-house virtual influencer ‘Mira’. In an attempt to ‘become bolder in experimenting with emerging technology’, Mira is intended to showcase new collections and offer online consultations.

Though M&S are often praised for their efforts in pushing diversity in their campaigns and are continuously reinventing themselves to keep up with the times, the launch of Mira has been met with a mixed response. The main question is whether their virtual influencer truly represents the company’s customer base.

There are over 150 virtual influencers across social media, with the majority existing only on Instagram. Therefore, brands and companies are opting to collaborate with virtual influencers to appeal to a younger demographic.

In 2018, Prada collaborated with virtual influencer Lil Miquela, so as we merge further into Web3, there’s no doubt we will see a rise in digital influencers as well as collaborations with brands.

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